Storage Exchange


The 2020 ESA Storage Exchange — Powered by EPRI is the energy storage industry’s top technical event, bringing together project developers, technology innovators, utilities, manufacturers, safety experts and other stakeholders in an engaging environment of education and peer-to-peer idea exchange.

During the event held August 25 – 27, poster presenters introduced their poster with a two-minute introductory video, equivalent to a “rapid-fire introduction.” This year’s “posters” were 5-10 slide standalone PowerPoint presentations. Poster presenters shared their poster and talked through the presentation during poster sessions.

Storage Exchange presenters represent the full range of energy storage expertise, from practical implementers such as developers and integrators, to engineers to academics, DOE lab scientists to economic modelers. 

All #ESACon20 attendees were able to access the Storage Exchange posters live, and can view them until December 31, 2020.

Session Topics

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Storage Exchange presenters represent the full range of energy storage expertise, from practical implementers such as developers and integrators, to engineers to academics, DOE lab scientists to economic modelers. 

Presentation Poster Presenter Company
Energy Storage Analysis for Utility Planning – Methodologies, Results, and Lessons Learned
Suma Jothibasu
Reliability from Storage: Size, Duration, and Economic Tradeoffs
Miles Evans
A Holistic Approach to Modeling Long and Short Duration Energy Storage in a Vertically Integrated Utility
Jamie Hussman
Integration of Energy Storage with Solar PV for Demand Response in Urban Areas
Vennela Yadhati
Storage Ownership Models and Energy Policy Goals: Finding the Nexus Points
Will McNamara
Sandia National Laboratories
Identifying a Participation Model for Dual-Use Energy Storage
Jeremy Twitchell
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Methodology for Siting and Sizing Energy Storage systems
Abhishek Thurumalla
Quanta Technology
Utility Solar plus Storage Microgrid for Resiliency – Southern California Edison Experience
Jorge Araiza
Southern California Edison
Battery Energy Storage Systems for Transmission & Distribution Upgrade Deferral: Opportunities, Challenges and Feasibility in the US Electricity Sector
Sashwat Roy
University of Delaware
Stopping curtailment: designing for explosive growth in utility-scale storage and making sure it doesn’t go to waste
Risto Paldanius
WEDNESDAY, August 26, 2020


This session will cover topics related to project developer, utility, and end customer experiences with energy storage throughout the project lifecycle. Speakers will share challenges, lessons learned and best practices in real world projects. Featured presentations:

Presentation Poster Presenter Company
Energy Storage Safety Evaluations: Lessons from Real-world Systems
Mike Simpson
Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment for Li-ion battery Energy Storage Systems
Yike Hu
Highly Automated Operation of Energy Storage Research Center during COVID-19
Dagmar Becker
Southern Research
Improving ESS Battery Design and Deployment to Optimize Recycling
Mike Bax
How Adaptation and Communication Created an ERCOT Success Story
Taylor Quarles
Key Capture Energy
Energy Storage Decommissioning: Lessons Learned and Future Considerations
Dave Mauer
Sol Lux Alpha: Multifamily Nanogrid in San Francisco
John Sarter
Off the Grid Design
Complying with NFPA 855 in the Energy Storage Market
Jody Leber
CSA Group
No Money Down Microgrids – How Performance Contracting is Driving Microgrid Deployments With The Federal Government
Krystian Nowak
THURSDAY, August 27, 2020


This session will cover topics related to the performance and reliability of storage installations, as well as technology advancements, either being implemented or coming soon. Speakers will discuss how they approach performance and reliability and what technology advancements will help move the industry forward. Featured presentations:

Presentation Poster Presenter Company
Today, solid state batteries are powering microgrids and thousands of electric vehicles worldwide
Adrian Tylim
Blue Solutions
Low-cost Long Duration Energy Storage using a CO2-based Cycle
Timothy Held
Echogen Power Systems
Findings and Data from Field Tests of Modular Flow Batteries
Morgan Smith
Understanding How Testing Conditions Affect Hazard Quantification in Lithium-Ion Battery Abuse Tests
James Vickery
Preparing for the 24/7 Renewables Challenge with Comprehensive Modeling
Mert Geveci
Beyond Batteries; Technology, Market, and Economic Synergies and Challenges when Integrating Long Duration Energy Storage with Thermal Power Generation
Briggs White
National Energy Technology Laboratory
Second-Life Electric Vehicle Battery Energy Storage Systems: Tests, Experiences and Opportunities
Paul Leufkens
Southern Research
Neighborhood Grid: Redesigning our Electrical Grid from the Bottoms Up
Deidre Yiu
UL 9540 2nd edition: Filling in the Gaps on Energy Storage Safety
Laurie Florence