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Michael Herbert

Co-founder / Managing Partner
Delorean Power LLC

Michael has committed his professional life to the energy storage sector, from asset development to investment analysis, policymaking and market design.  Michael is a co-founder and managing partner at Delorean Power where he focuses on the development, design, financing, construction, ownership and operations of utility-scale energy storage projects in the US. Prior to Delorean, Michael served as the Energy Storage Policy Coordinator at FERC where he was the technical lead on Order No. 841 and oversaw all storage-related policy initiatives and industry filings. Michael began his career in 2008 analyzing investments in electric vehicles, vehicle-to-grid systems, energy storage and renewable energy for the Department of Defense.

Breakout Session:
Sign Here: New U.S. Markets, Room 319-321; Friday, August 28, 09:30am-10:30am