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Krystian Nowak

Associate Project Development Engineer

Mr. Nowak has over 5 years of engineering experience in various domains of the energy industry. At Ameresco he develops energy storage projects for U.S. Federal Government agencies, which often includes integrating energy storage into microgrids. His work involves studying new use cases for energy storage deployment, vetting existing and new storage technologies, and performing detailed techno-economic modeling to assess the feasibility of energy storage projects. Prior to joining Ameresco in 2017, Mr. Nowak worked for a natural gas utility where he designed various pipeline infrastructure projects and collaborated with stakeholders during installation, including those for large public works projects. He also has experience evaluating vehicle fuel efficiency performance from field test data and designing real world experiments to validate finite element analysis models.

Storage Exchange:
Deployment and Field Experience, Wednesday August 26, 3:30pm-5:00pm