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Chandrasekar Govindarajalu

Lead Energy Specialist, Energy Climate Finance
The World Bank

Chandra Govindarajalu leads the global battery storage program at the World Bank.The World Bank has made commitment to accelerate deployment of battery storage in the developing world with an aim to finance 17.5 GWh of new battery storage in developing countries by 2025. The World Bank has also established the Energy Storage Partnership (ESP) with 30+ organizations that includes NREL and the Energy Storage Association (ESA) from the U.S as well as several European and global partners to foster international cooperation to adapt and develop energy storage solutions for developing countries and to support development and implementation of energy storage lending operations. By developing and adapting new storage solutions to the needs of developing countries, the ESP will help expand the global market for energy storage, leading to technology improvements and accelerating cost reductions over time.He also leads the energy climate finance team which is responsible for mobilizing climate finance from Climate Investment Funds (CIFs), Green Climate Funds (GCF) and other sources for the Energy and Extractives Practice at the World Bank. He has over 20 years of experience working at the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) on energy efficiency, energy access and renewable energy across 15 countries in South Asia, East Asia as well as Middle East and North Africa. Chandra holds a PhD in Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware.

Learning Lab:
Project Development 101: Contracting Best Practices, Room 319-321; Wednesday August 26, 11:30am-1:30pm