August 26, 2020

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Press Release

Powin Energy’s Stack230 Achieves the Highest Standard in Product Safety

Once Again Demonstrating Company’s Top Safety Standards

Tualatin, OR, (August 26, 2020) – Today Powin Energy Corporation (Powin), a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe, scalable, battery energy storage solutions for IPPs and utilities, announced its Stack2301 product completed the UL9540A test with no flame or propagation from cell to cell. In doing so, Powin has demonstrated that their product meets the industry’s highest standards for safety and fire prevention and its installations will not require expensive protective devices like fire-proof barriers or large separations between Stacks. This achievement follows on the heels of the positive UL9540A results from Powin’s Stack225 tests performed earlier this year.

After a series of high profile fires, the energy storage industry, in partnership with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), developed expanded regulations and testing recommendations for manufacturers and permitting authorities. These regulations are directed at ensuring that any potential fire would be limited to certain components and not propagate across the entire system. The UL9540A test procedure intentionally triggers a cell thermal runaway within the battery module and carefully measures the impact of this thermal event to neighboring cells and modules. Powin’s test demonstrated that even with its cell brought to thermal runaway at 300degC – the module and neighboring cells effectively absorbed the heat and prevented propagation of the event. Geoff Brown, President of Powin, said, “We are so pleased about the continued excellent results that our new Stack230 product achieved in this critical safety test. Meeting such an important industry standard once again is a tribute to both our selection of a safe cell and our unique module and software design that naturally prevents thermal events from propagating. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with proven, reliable, and safe battery energy storage systems.”

Part of Powin’s Stack family of products and designed specifically for solar + storage applications, the Stack230 is Powin’s first product released to the market providing a 20-year, one-fullcycle-per-day performance guarantee. The Stack230 performance guarantee allows the customer to use the batteries installed on day one for 20 years without any replacement.

Headquartered in Greater Portland, Oregon, Powin is an industry leader in providing the large-scale energy storage systems that are essential for utilities, IPPs and project developers as they develop the highly flexible and reliable grid of the future. The Powin Stack is purpose-built for the demands of utility, C&I, and microgrid applications. Powin’s BESS has a modular architecture which facilitates streamlined and cost efficient installation for projects from MWh to GWh scale. Powin’s industry-leading product offering is supported by an unrivaled team of experts from across the energy industry with decades of experience in product design, manufacturing and software development. To date, Powin has been awarded 2.9 GWh of projects, with an additional 319 MWh currently in construction, and another 225 MWh in operation.


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