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24 August 2020
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Press Release

Acelerex Launches Learning Operating System for Power Grid Sustainability at ESACon20

This product suite has Grid Analytics Software, Grid Automation Software, and Grid Data Services Software and is developed to perform integrated resource planning, project design and valuations, and real-time monitoring and dispatch of energy storage and clean energy resources.

Acelerex Inc. is a global leader in providing grid analytics solutions and advising for clean energy and energy storage. Acelerex is a contributing author to the IRENA’s 2020 Electricity Storage Valuation Framework. Acelerex provided grid analytics for the Energy Storage Roadmap for the Maldives which was presented at the 2019 UN Climate Summit. Acelerex experts led grid analytics for energy storage integration roadmaps for the states of New York and Massachusetts.

The power grid learning operating system is a technology stack of a cloud-based subscription software system with web-interface and has features of artificial intelligence, blockchain, energy internet of things, real-time optimization and control, multi-business model stacked services, universal energy management system, grid analytics, data acquisition, interactive visualizations, and wiki.

Dr. Randell Johnson, Founder and CEO said: “We are excited to launch our grid operating system as we have been perfecting it for the past three years with customer deployments.”

The software is designed to be feature-rich with a competitive cost advantage having multi-tenant cloud scalability, micro-services, complex grid planning and operational algorithms, and multi-device responsive web interface.

Commercial deployments began in 2017 for use cases of grid analytics for storage valuation, hybrid resources, microgrid and island grid planning, energy storage testing, real-time prediction for renewables, electricity prices, and demands, energy management systems for in-front of the meter and behind-the-meter storage, dispatch of commercial and residential microgrids, and remote monitoring and control.

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About Acelerex Inc.

Acelerex is headquartered at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts with regional offices in Chile and Turkey, and provides clean energy and energy storage valuation, planning, design, and operational solutions. Acelerex provides consulting, testing, and training services and has software products of Grid Analytics, Grid Automation, and Grid Data Services.